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laser Treatment

Precision laser treatment allows us to resolve common issues in children including breastfeeding difficulties, lip and tongue restrictions, and other concerns related to speech or long-term oral health.

Laser Frenectomy Treatment

Children may be born with a combination of conditions called a tongue-tie (ankyloglossia) and/or a lip-tie causing restrictions in movement that can cause difficulty with breastfeeding, and in some instances, other health problems like dental decay or spacing, speech and airway difficulties, and digestive issues.

During a frenotomy, laser light removes the frenum under the tongue or upper lip to allow for better range of motion. With very little discomfort and almost no bleeding, some babies and children sleep through the procedure. The laser sterilizes upon touch, reducing the chance of infection and stimulating healing.


Ankyloglossia, or tongue-tie, is the restriction of tongue movement as a result of the tongue adhering to the floor of the mouth. Normal tongue function allows a baby to latch adequately and breastfeed efficiently, promotes normal speech development, makes it possible for a child to self-cleanse the mouth during eating, allows adequate swallowing patterns, allows for proper growth and development, and it makes fun little things like eating ice cream, kissing or sticking your tongue out to catch snowflakes possible.


A lip-tie occurs when the upper lip remains attached to the upper gum. It can lead to problems with speech and eating habits, jaw pain and protusion, clicking jaws, difficulty kissing, licking lollipops or ice cream, a gap between teeth, pain with breastfeeding, and other oral health issues.

Breastfeeding Solutions

Both Tongue-ties and/or Lip-ties can create issues related to breastfeeding. A frenectomy can help mothers relieve the pain of breastfeeding and regain healthy nipples and breasts, stimulate milk production by adequate stimulation, encourage bonding with her baby, and ensure adequate feeding and growth of the baby.

Dental Emergencies

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